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The beautiful thing about life is that you can always change, grow and get better. You aren't defined by your past. You are not your mistakes.


I am a certified Empowerment & Mindset Coach, NLP, and mindfulness practitioner - it's my personal mission in life to enable greatness in others. I help high achieving women who are on the edge of burnout from their busy lives of juggling everyone else’s schedules, who feel trapped in the life they have created for themselves, find balance, their identity and help them give a voice to their deepest desires.


I'm not defined by other people's perception of me...but I've not always been like that!

Born as a mixed race child in South Africa during apartheid, I was literally born a crime.

The first five years of my life I was hidden. I saw my cousins twice a year and that was my sole interaction with other children until I went to pre-school. I couldn't be seen out in public with both of my parents as it was against the law for them to even be together. So play dates in the park are completely novel to me as I raise my two little girls.

Even at a young age, I knew that it was dangerous for me to be seen by others, that I would be judged on what I looked like, not who I was as a person. I knew that I had to keep my head down and ensure that I didn't upset any one or ruffle feathers.

Throughout my childhood and youth I was made to feel ashamed of my skin colour. Apparently my mixed racial genes meant that I was:

- not smart enough

- not clean enough to play with

- not pretty enough to date

- not worthy enough to succeed

I wouldn't amount to much in other people's view - had I listened to them and believed it, it would have become my reality!

Don't get me wrong, I did believe much of this for many years...these perceptions hurt and have left deep scars. They did affect how I saw myself and how I valued my contribution.


But what it also did, was to light a fire in me which was determined to burn brighter and prove them all wrong. 

However, growing up and into my 20s, I spent so much time trying to fit in, please people around me and seek their validation, that I didn't even know who I was. I felt like a complete fraudster. I did have lots of friends and did fun things but I knew deep down that I wasn't being true to myself...I was too afraid they would all judge me. What I also found was that although I was doing everything right, I still felt huge resistance in life, things didn't go as planned and most days felt like an uphill struggle, each victory was something I had to fight for.

My 'a-ha' moment came when I became a mother. It gave me the motivation I needed to get 'out there' and make my life awesome!


I want to be the role model to my girls that I never had.


I want them to see and know that they are loved. I want them to know that they are pure potential for ANYTHING that they set their minds to. I don't want them to ever feel like that little girl from my past.

I want to be everything to them...but I can't do everything on my own!


My two little warrior princesses are high energy, bubbly and also, due to them being so young, they are always wanting my attention. My eldest is deaf and as such, has special needs which require ongoing support. Equally, I am a corporate professional who loves my job and the work I do in healthcare. I also run my own business from home, transforming the lives of women through empowerment coaching. Add to that, I'm also a zumba instructor running weekly classes, hosting fundraising events and am an active member on the school PTA. Did I mention I'm also a wife to a crazy, charismatic, 'take life by the horns' kinda guy? Safe to say I have a lot on my plate. But I wouldn't change a thing...but I found that the key to life is self acceptance, self worth and importantly self love. 

My journey has been long and I'm still finding ways to learn and grow each day but what I do know with absolute certainty is that I'm defined by how I see myself, by my mindset and by my actions!

And now I want to help as many women around the world to be their greatest self too!

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle.

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